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A friend of mine inspired me to give photography a try back in the mid-90s.  She taught me the fundamentals of exposure.  She gave me a pocket notepad and a pen, and instructed me to write down all of my settings for each frame.  This would allow me to study my prints and recognize which settings yielded the most pleasing results.  Needless to say, it didn't take long before I filled every page.  The quality of my photos became more consistent as I began to understand the relationship of each variable my fully manual camera had to offer.   

Self Portrait of Devin Nutter
Portrait of Kirk by Devin Nutter

One of my earliest portraits of a man named Kirk, a beloved local character who would ride is bike through the town of Montgomery, WV.  

Between picking up my first camera and starting Devin Nutter Photography, I spent many years behind a very loud drum set, which was behind even louder bands.  Rock and roll was my life, until it wasn't.  I absolutely love music, but I realized that the "lifestyle" from being a hard rock drummer wasn't an ideal long term plan for me.  I said good bye to my band, and sold my gear.  My cymbals barely stopped ringing before I met my future wife, Melissa.

Devo Live w/Dear Enemy

Melissa and I are now happliy married with a beautiful daughter, who became my photographic muse for the first several years of her life.  My father loved it when I would send him photos of his grand daughter.  It wasn't until his passing, and hearing the stories from friends and family about how happy those pictures would make him.  It was then that I truly realized much we all cherish photos of those we love.  In fact, to say that you want a photograph of someone, is essentially saying to them that you love them; and want them around FORVER.  

Nutter Family in San Francisco 2017

This is why I initially started Devin Nutter Photography in 2014.  I've really enjoyed meeting new clients and friends since going professional.  As a photographer, I love to engage with my clients, to pull out their best qualities and allow them to feel confident and comfortable in front of my camera. 

Whether you want to tell someone that you love them, or if you want to capture the best in you to further your career, I do hope that you will reach out for an introduction - I'd love to meet you!

My photography services are focused on creating captivating for actors in Atlanta and my local town of Newnan, GA.  I am also available for weddings and portraits!  Please reach out to me via the contact info below - I look forward to hearing from you!  

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Mobile: 404-824-4974

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