Sunny Afternoon Session

I had the pleasure of shooting headshots for Keith. It was a bright, sunny, beautiful spring day, and we had a great time walking through the Fairlie Poplar district in Atlanta. Keith and his wife Kerri are awesome, and it's been a long time since I laughed so much! Thanks for the great time!

Our session was in the middle of the afternoon, when natural light can be dicey. Time can be lost looking for locations that present pleasant lighting conditions. As soon as you find a suitable spot, the light completely changes and your off on the chase again... This is why I shoot with flashes or strobes! Instead of being bound to what's available, I am able to augment the light God gives me. The freedom allows me to engage with the model and focus on them and maybe experiment a little!

See below for a BTS shot of Keith's mid-day headshot session.

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