Corporate Session in Denmark

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting a corporate headshot session in Denmark. The challenge here was that the budget did not support my ability to travel with light stands and my strobes. So it was my trusty speed lites and a super clamp to the rescue!

The session began during a bright sunny afternoon, and went into the long Scandinavian spring evening. At this time of year, the sun didn't set until well after 8:30 pm, so we were fortunate to have plenty of daylight. Again, I used artificial light to augment the sun to help bring out the model's faces.

I've always heard that the people of Denmark are among the nicest in the world, and based on this crew, I completely agree! Great people, good food, pleasant weather, and some mighty tasty Carlsberg made for a fantastic trip!

A quick BTS photo of my lighting set up. The speedlite not the left has a 1/2 CTO gel, and my key light on the right is clamped to the glass wall by the stairs with a Lastolite Ezybox soft box.

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